Advanced Software Inc. has been improving our skills since our foundation, and that connects with "people", "technology ", and "company".


"People" deepened their knowledge, cultivate their mind, and grow up with customers.


"Technology" refers catches a new technology or world trends,

and provide technology corresponds customer's needs quickly.


“Company” means that we and our affiliates work with our clients to create an environment where they can provide higher technology and better service.


The trinity forms of "People", "Technology", and "Company" create a new idea, and we believe that we are able to provide innovative and flexible technology and service to our customers.


We, Advanced Software Inc. will keep moving forward with strong desire to connect all those aspects to the future.


We look forward to your continued support.


Representative Director , Takashi Yoshida

Corporate profile

Company Name

Advanced Software Inc.


Takashi Yoshida


 ■Head Office

A-PLACE SHINAGAWA 8F 1-8-40 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075

Date of Founded

March 1982


30million yen

Business Domain

Android/iOS software development

Control software development

Web/PC application development

Security system development

Number of Employee

21 (except contract employee)


248 million yen(2019 results

Main Business Partners

NEC Platforms, Ltd.

NTT Data, Inc.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation technology

Affiliated Company Smart scape Inc.

Smart Engineer Inc.

Smart Implement Inc.

Smart Holdings Inc.

Smart Conduce LLC.
3DVS Japan LLC.

Head Office